Recently, in response to a question on CFAR algorithms on a Linkedin group (sign-in required), I posted a list of CFAR schemes proposed and used so far within the radar community. Later, I thought it would be pertinent to discuss some of the CFAR related concepts in this blog. Unfamiliar readers of the basics of detection theory may please consult a few initial chapters of [1]. The hardware implementation of many CFAR techniques is a challenge to radar engineers. A few years ago, I authored a paper [2] on the FPGA implementation of OS-CFAR where the basic idea derives from preserving the traditional running summer architecture of CA-CFAR implementation.

[1] Kay S. M., “Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume 2: Detection Theory,” Prentice Hall, 1998. 

[2] Mishra K. V. and Kuloor R., “Generalized Configurable Architectures for FPGA Implementation of Ordered-Statistic CFAR,” International Radar Symposium India (IRSI), 2005.